University of Southern Indiana:

Literary Criticism and Theory (spring 18)

Ethnic Literature in America (spring 18)

African American Literature (fall 17)

Introduction to American Literary History (fall 17)

Rhetoric and Composition II: Literacy and the World; The Politics of Education (fall 17, spring 18)

Vanderbilt University:

Alternative Futures (spring 17)

American Literature and the Return of Nationalism (fall 16)

Racism in American Literature (fall 16)

The Real American Dilemma: Forms of Antiracism in American Literature and Culture (spring 16) [a writing-intensive course that investigated how literature and cultural theory draws attention to the limits of certain forms of anti-racism. an updated version is being offered in fall 16]

Writers, Readers, Texts, Publics: An Introduction to Literary Criticism (spring 16, fall 15) [a writing-intensive course that introduced students to the methods and philosophical underpinnings of literary criticism.]

American Literature: The American Renaissance to the New Negro Renaissance (fall 15) [an American Literature survey driven by the tensions and appropriations between the so-called American Renaissance and the New Negro Renaissance.]

Writing in the University [a composition course organized around the crises of the contemporary university.] (spring 14)

The Modern South? The Southern Modern? [a writing-intensive course that considered the notion of the U.S. and global South as “backward” as constitutive of that which is not. Texts included Ward’s Salvage the Bones, Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, and Glissant’s Faulkner, Mississippi.] (spring 13, fall 12)

Programming the Person: Technology and Identity in Literature [a writing-intensive course that examined literature about how technology configures the limits of the human. Texts included, Shelley’s Frankenstein, Schuyler’s Black No More, and Spielberg’s Minority Report.] (spring 12, fall 11)